This platter suits 4-5 people and includes delcious local products, perfect for entertaining guests or just to nibble on yourself. 


1x Alexandrina Cheese (your choice of cheddar or gouda)

1x Adelaide Hills Soft Cheese (your choice of brie, camembert or ash brie)

1x Crackers (GF or standard)

1x Barossa Fine Foods Salami or Smoked Ham

1x 150g Arkwright Olives or 150g Jenny's Biscuits

1x HTF Paste (your choice of quice, fig or rhubarb chutney)

1x 500g HTF Strawberries + Chocolate Dip


Feel free to browse our shop & add any extras you like such as Little Acre Pate, Melba's Chocolates or Peninsula Providre Dukkah etc. 

Large Cheese Platter